Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud To Be an American

Yesterday At around 11pm I finally felt proud as I did as a child To Be an American. The last 8 years contributed to me loosing faith in the brand of American Democracy, I felt as if my voice and the voices of the majority were being left unheard. I have a wide demographic of friends from all walks of the earth all citizens of this great country who shared alot of my same views and positions. I was traumatized after 2 elections going against the public true interest and values, instead decided based on the rise of fear and hate.

The last 8 years have been hell not only for the economy and our nation but for our image in the eyes of the international community. A generation living in the past created for us by the baby boomers that kept America Stuck in the past. Barack Obama opens the door for a New age where Race is no longer an issue, where Unity is the theme of our efforts to move forward. A new age of international diplomacy is among us the Age of OBAMANOMICS and Foreign Policy that does not feed on imperialistic ambitions but more on the betterment of the global community and prosperity of all.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mercenaries 2: GTA Done Right?

Mercenaries 2 : World in Flames is far from a perfect game but it is a fun game and does many major things right that make this world worth checking out. The main premise of the game is that you are one of three mercenaries operating in Venezuela, doing jobs for various military factions with the ultimate goal being that you exact sweet revenge against the current leader of said country who happens to have screwed you out of a paycheck and then tried to kill you (try saying that 3 times fast). The storyline isn't great but then again it doesn't have to be, this isn't Shakespeare, this is Michael Bay. Lets blow some shit up!
Mercenaries is going to draw some obvious comparisons to the GTA series, and rightfully so. Both games are sandbox adventures, both games feature faction based missions, and both games allow you to drive any number of boats, cars, and airplanes. What Rockstar got wrong and what Pandemic got right are the controls. The single biggest gripe that I've had with the GTA series is that the controls, even the new ones from IV, generally suck. Too many times I've been in the middle of Liberty City and “hit a brick wall” simply because the controls are not precise enough for me to be able execute the required actions to complete the mission. Mercs takes a very simplistic approach to the controls, if you've played other first or third person shooters then you're going to be able to pick this game right up and start rocking out, the same can be said of the vehicles. Green button means go, red button means stop, yellow button gets out of the vehicle, easy peasey Japanesey (can I still say that?). The vehicles maneuver as you would expect them to, the physics aren't uber realistic but are good enough that you're car or helicopter does pretty much what you think it should. This is going to come in handy when you are tasked with raiding a VZ Army outpost, capturing it's commander,and then calling in rebel reinforcements to take over the base.
The audio production in Mercs 2 runs the gamut from awesomely well done to absolutely atrocious. When my Merc is firing his firing his AK it sounds fantastic. Tak! Tak! Tak! When my Merc calls in an airstrike it sounds epic. Swoooosh! Kaboom! When that same Merc opens his mouth to talk I want to either laugh or hit the skip scene button. In all fairness this isn't the fault of the voice actors... most of the time. It's the fault of the writers, the one liners are just plain cheesy and over used. I one time counted my Merc saying “I'm a little banged up right now” ala Jack Nicholson, 3 times in under a minute. Seriously mix it up a bit guys. My last gripe with the audio is the mastering, whoever did the mastering made the voices and ambient noises super soft and the actual gunfire extremely loud. In the real world this means that I'm playing at 12am on a Thursday, my girl is asleep in the next room. I can't hear the conversation happening on the screen so I pump the volume up a couple of notches and forget about it. Five minutes later a firefight pops off, my girl wakes up, and is in my face bitching about the noise. Boohoo, no more game time thanks to you Audio Production Guy.
The graphical style in Mercs 2 is somewhat cartoonish, thats not a bad thing, it is what it is, if you like that style you'll appreciate it in this game, if you don't then you probably won't even notice after about 5 minutes of play time. The explosions are absolutely phenomenal and supremely satisfying. The reds are blood, the yellows are canary, and the fireballs look like fireballs. Each vehicle in Mercs 2 has it's own unique look and feel, one factions tanks don't look like the next factions tanks. This becomes important when you start to get into large scale land warfare with multiple units of tanks and armored vehicles squaring off. The landscapes are detailed if not a little bit repetitive. Each faction's base looks unique but once you step outside of that area it's pretty much the same old mountains, roads, and jungles. Overall I would classify the graphics in Mercs 2 as good, there aren't really any “wow” moments but they work, and the really important things like explosions and vehicles look great.
Would I recommend Mercs 2? Hell yes I would. This game is a blast, there are enough side quests to keep you busy long enough to justify the $60 price tag, even without a true multi player element. As I write this I can't help but think about how great it would be to take the GTA IV storyline and throw it into the Mercs 2 world... I digress. The storyline is simple but functional, the audio is OK, not great, and the graphics are decent, and yet somehow all of these averages add up to one fantastic game. This game will not change worlds but it will suck up several days worth of your life. As gamers isn't that what we are all looking for?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art!!! Check this out!!! Its Art!!!!

I am as down with the next guy when it comes to checking out and appreciating art but some of the things that I've been seeing lately (the last 50 years or so) are straight up simple minded bullshit that anyone could come up with. Some guy jerks off onto a canvas, slaps a few random condoms onto it, signs it with a giant pencil, and viola! ART has been made! This piece could easily sell for several thousand dollars to some useful twit with more money than brains. All of this pissed me for many years until one day I said fuck it, it'll never change so if you can't beat em, join it.

Here my friends is my proposal, lets get 500 people together in one stadium and feed them a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, Ovalteen, prunes, V8 juice, and lamb meat. About thirty minutes after eating we bring out the canvas, it'll be large, roughly the size of a basketball court. By this time everyone will have bubble guts, we drop trow at the same time and let fly with the nastiest, squishiest farts we can muster. After the juice is laid down we spray the canvas with one thousand cans of Axe Body Spray, we light the canvas on fire and then glaze the scorch marks with hair gel, light it again, glaze it one more time, and then bunch up the little wads of burnt shit, twist em off, and secure them with hair ties. We call the piece "Jersey" and we sell it to a super rich retired German architect for 10 million dollars. The German guy will place the piece in a national park where it will remain on display for at least a year. Thousands of people will see our work and think it's amazing. We all split the money from the sale of the painting and go on Letterman to talk about what inspired us to come up with such a unique piece of art and when the world can expect the next project. This is a sure fire way to make us all moderately rich and tremendously famous. Just give me three "pips" of approval and your in.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aww shit!! Not Iran too.

The US Iran war is here, we are just counting the days till the BooM! I read a crazy article that drops science on the blockade we just put in affect which in most circles is viewed as an act of war. All imports and exports are being blocked to kill their liveliness every way possible. All because of some nuclear research.

It kinda blows because the constitution states that although the president cannot declare war (only congress can). The president still has the power to deploy troops and strike at will as commander and chief.

So only Congress can declare war(which they probably still would) but the president is allowed to flex his muscles freely worldwide. Because of we are destined for disaster. Bush already said he has no regrets on his decisions in Iraq, that just means the party just started. I feel bad for our soldiers stuck in the middle of the neo-cons crazy Good vs Evil role playing game.

Iran is huge and has one of the biggest best trained armies in the region. Also the love and support of the strong Shi'a population surrounding the region not only in Iran, but Iraq,Kuwait and other spots. It would totally suck to go to war with them. To me its not a winning or losing thing, because even though our military rules, is fully voluntary and owns most of the time but has been used in vain by these old morons running the show, its a different story in Iran.

Occupying 3 countries in the same region is no joke. Although all I know if Iran is from books documentaries, news etc. I do know we have a strong history of screwing around in their shit and we are cooking up a whole different level of Hate soup from them, Iraq didn't have much beef wit us we loved Saddam back in the day until he tried to kill H.W and then we went in for the pownage, but we've been messing with Iran for a lot longer in worst ways, And they won't be occupied that easy.

We can't even hold down Iraq! How are we going to hold down Iran. Maybe the Neo-cons should take a lesson in Occupation 101. Because the track record so far isn't to impressive. Theirs probably no way to stop this war from happening. All we can do is sit around and watch it play out.

Also prepare to be drafted if you are under 30 and a dude. But ill leave you wit this: everyone rags on Obama for wanting to talk with Mahmoud Ahminedejad wit no preconditions. And even though Obama voted for most of the legislation that led to this act of war against Iran he makes a good point.

....Whatever happened to countries leaders just talking.....

....No scams and flams.. No preconditions just plain old dudes who are willing to talk like men!
That's what this situation needs.

"You can't resolve a conflict when your hiding behind your crew, kill the hype men and talk."
Spike Gerard.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On June 23rd something amazing happened. The great Shaq Fu! Made a triumphant return to the rap game. At a time were a verbal war is going on between garbage manufacturer Soulja Boy and the one and only ICE T people are at odds about the state of hip hop.

Who could ask for better timing here comes Shaquile O'neal spitting one of the craziest freestyles ever to grace the mic. TMZ released the video and I could not believe my eyes and ears. There I sat watching youtube, Shaq at a night club on the mic kicking a man while he's down,(he did deserve it). Punch line after punch line of killer "no holds bar" attacks on every one from legends like Patrick Ewing to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. To insults at You and Me saying that he's better than us.
And just when you thought he was winding down he kills Kobe "big head" Bryant with one of the sickest off the top choruses I have ever heard..

Think about that America...

Is Shaq better than US?

Is he better than Kobe?

..............Yes, he is.....

And its time everyone realizes that..

Especially Kobe, he knew he couldn't do it without him and now only he knows what Shaq's ass tastes like. You ratted on him and now he's getting a divorce.. Kobe! But its about time Shaq let the truth out. If Soulja boy single handily murdered hip hop then Shaq just bought it back from the dead with some revolutionary stem cell research..

All that's left to say is.. Shaq... Man or Horse?...

Ayo Kobe tell me how Shaq's ass taste..
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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great Stink

About a year ago, for one day, all of New York City smelled like a rats asshole, serious ass hole, so much like asshole that people thought it may have been a terrorist attack. About midway through the day some scientist yayhoo gets on the tube and blames the smell on Jersey, no scientific explanation, just simply, "Hey, what the fuck do you expect? We live right next to Jersey."... nobody questioned him, nobody asked for a detailed explanation, and by the next day everyone had forgotten about it. Does Jersey suck so bad that just being neighbor means that once every few years, for a day, your going to smell like shit? For real man, Jersey must be a fucking hell hole.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How I Killed a Guy: A True Story

This is definitely the craziest true story you'll read today!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Manufactured Consent

It affects our every day lives, the way we think the foods we like, the points of views we take. From early childhood we are glued to television, we go to school we are assigned the same books to read we turn on he radio and we hear he same songs. Over time some of us branch out take different paths and develop different taste but usually find a haven where others share the same views and become groups.

Groups are separated by the "type" of people in each one some easily co exist while others clash and do not. I for one don't see this as being all bad. Some good can and has come from the segregation of people not by race but by class. But good can only come from it if it happens naturally.

Manufactured Consent, acts as a sheep hoarder keeping the sheep in line, as mentioned before we are schooled, entertained and fed by corporations that share a common interest. To keep us in check, in simpler terms, its no secret our children can ask for Mc Donalds before they can recite their alphabet. Teenagers know the lyrics to the hottest song better than the names of the states in their own country.

This is a example of how manufactured consent and classism can numb an entire generation. Solution you ask? The answer is in he human mind. It is said that during infancy past the toddler years we are more intuitive than we will ever be. We are little scientist. It is not until we go to school and become exposed instruction we lose our will to explore and learn.

We live in a world of spin everything is spun and no one is asking questions. When we watch TV commercials and the new listening ad says" breath stays fresher longer". No one stops to ask, longer than what? We all run to the drugstore and pick up a bottle so we can have fresh breath for longer. But not know what if you examine the issue and discover that your new mouth wash has the same ingredients but a higher concentration and no evidence of longer lasting fresher breath, and without the knowledge of what was it being compared to as lasting longer than in the first place.

Bottom line is, question everything, no one is offering truth at no cost, act as a detective in unspinning what is spun before your eyes. Next time you hear that song you love so much don't just hear it, listen to the lyrics. Do you still like it so much? Ask yourself why did you like it in the first place. Eventually things will begin to make sense and our generation can snap out of it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Internet Video

What draws us to these online videos, ever since the emergence of YouTube all of us love getting online and randomly searching for the sickest video, whatever it is we want to see it. People become overnight celebrities with a simple video but when we look back we think about it, and say “what the f@#k was so great about “Chocolate Rain”. Shit if I know, but I do know that at least 3000 of those views were probably mine. I had a blast watchingthat funny looking moron sing with such a deep voice. I don’t know why but I do.
I find my self endlessly searching for the next good roast by typing random search terms. Such as “Old Lady Bites it” or “Fat dude severs leg” , so much that me and a few buddies even made a blog dedicated to random videos we find on the web and called it As time goes on I better understand why we love these internet videos so much, maybe it’s the voyeur in all of us that wants to see real people go through real things.
Maybe Television and Movies have become so repetitive for the most part with reused plot lines that we all much rather see “Failed Back flip Attempts “ On YouTube rather than tuning into the idiot box for the same old crap. I guess the test of time will tell where the Internet Video will lead us but ill be searching for “Fat moron falls in Pond” in the mean time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Negroid, Angloid, Asiatic and Blue.

Its not a racial thing. That's what I keep telling my self in order not to get angry about the Sean Bell trial. It does not matter if the cops who shot were white or black to me growing up cops have always been blue, and I'm sure people will shout out that not all cops are bad but then I will argue on what your definition of bad is.

Did you know that if you are attacked by a police K9 and in self defense while being bitten you snap its neck in order to save your leg you will serve more time in jail than if you rape a child. Why in the fuck is a dogs life more valuable than our future.

Above is just a small example of the method behind the madness that drives the streets deep rooted hatred against law enforcement. To serve and protect is their motto, but as a young black man living in the bronx I can count the times I have felt 100 percent safe and on none of those occasions was it because of police presence.

Sean Bell was just celebrating his bachelor party and was ambushed by a group of trigger happy pigs in plain clothes. Did they identify themselves as police? Hell No. I know this because they never do their pigs and pigs are known to be dirty, I can recall 3 instances in my life where I had a gun pulled on me by police not knowing they were police.

Many argue that a complaint should be filed and that cops can't do that. The people who argue this didn't come from the gutter of society, and for the record I have never been arrested only harassed enough to know that its not a black or white thing its a blue thing.

NYPD's job is two keep the poor and disadvantaged as far away from the rich and privileged that populate this great big city even if it means using fear and intimidation. They will always get off like Amadou Diallo 41 shots because they couldn't understand his accent., Abna Leuima raped of his dignity and manhood, Sean Bell for wanting to get married.

Police are above the law in this never ending struggle, when will we finally fight back?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 4/20

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Good Music

Recently I’ve come across some of my older albums and popped them in, the effect they have on me is amazing. Reminds me of why I love music so much generic crap has filled the airwaves for so long I cant even bare to listen to the radio anymore. Music with substance does still exist you just have to do a crap load of digging to find it but when you find it is worth it. As a person who grew up in the south Bronx in a Dominican Household I learned to love music and grew up with the explosion of hip hop right on my front lawn, to see the stages it went through became painful at one point. What began as the voice of the streets and the struggle of my people has been so commercialized that their is not much of a voice left only an advertisement.

Rap music no longer makes us rise up or open our eyes anymore they make us want to buy expensive cars or hang out at strip clubs. Women are no longer viewed with respect or beautiful, their banging and jiggle with it. For the last 4 years after the bling bling era died down the brief "drop it like its hot era" that then transformed in the Krunk era which converted into the DIRTY DIRTY era replaced story tellers like Nas, and Slick Rick. I remember listening to great stories that made me laugh and cry, now I’m just puzzled after a series of dumb down lyrics that lack the creativity that made Hip Hop what it was in the past.

Unlike many I do not agree that hip hop is dead I take it more as it is on Life Support and Great producers like 9th Wonder,MadLib,PeteRock who refuse to pull the plug keep its heart beating. Hip Hop comes from a culture of Leaders and Trendsetters not followers. Commercialism can dumb down the masses to the point where content is no longer needed open your eyes and listen to what is being said if you cant relate and you gain nothing from it why listen?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Live and Let Live

Usually I find this an issue a lot of people avoid but should not. Foreign Policy, Education, The War, Iran, The Economy, so many issues at hand help keep people's minds off what's really important. What is that? you may ask I say Life. What ever happened to live and let live, in many ways I see how globalization can be a positive thing but, somethings got to give. Why not keep trading with other nations while moving towards the end poverty on our own soil.

Why not lift all the embargos that bring suffering to so many people. I believe that it should be up to the people to shape their own civilization. Imperialist take overs do not allow nations to learn from each others culture and history. If this ever happens then we can begin to care for our people and bring actual change for the better.

With elections on their way I find myself thinking of the current situation and with the last election I didn't vote I sometimes wonder was I wrong for not voting? Is my voice not heard? Politics is a dirty game, and our worst enemies can sometimes be right on your TV screen telling you the danger that is to come.

Reason is your most powerful tool against doom. Benjamin Franklin once said "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.". Fear subtracts from freedom if you allow it. Understand all the players in the game and conquer fear through understanding.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What did you say?

Maybe it's time I address this issue before any confusion builds up. I’m sure you noticed in my previous post titled "Scandals and Flandals" most of you probably asked yourselves, "Flandals?” Yes I know it is not a real word but sometimes I like to make words up, why you ask? Because its fun you should try to make up a word and use it in your daily vocabulary.

Include friends and cool family members, make it a "cool thing" you may like it. I guess the reason I make up words and use them at random in conversation, may be a way of reflecting on what I see from day to day with trends that come and go, ideas that come up, what the news is covering this week. Sometimes things appear so bizarre and out of this world and they hit you so randomly. On occasion I may type a random word or make a funny sound as my way of mimicing my everyday observations.

Scandals and Flandals.

The Term mind your own business is taken very lightly with all the Tabloids, News Coverage and even News Paper coverage of Celebrity Jargon we all know what’s going on with Britney Spears even if we don’t want to, or how Pricilla Presley got injected with Motor Oil even if we didn’t ask. I guess its common Knowledge and we can’t get enough of it.
It may be cool to say you don’t care what happened to Britney Spears or that theirs a new Reality show coming out staring the Slut who ruined what could of been one of the best Governors New York State ever saw, but the bottom line is we love that shit. Who doesn’t want to see that madam’s List of High end John's For the most part the people who are watching this are middle to lower class and we love to see the privileged few that are on TV fall and not just fall we want to see them fall hard.
Every night I watch TMZ and as much as it pisses me off at times how these people have no privacy for some weird reason I can’t get enough of it. The bigger they are the Harder they fall and if they fall and it’s streaming on YouTube Shieeet ill be their to watch.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


on the Federal Reserve

If the Federal Reserve is not run by the Federal Government, then why is it called the "Federal" Reserve? Most people have no idea that the Federal Reserve is in fact owned and operated by private banks and individuals with a shit pot of money. We as a people hear the word federal and automatically think government when in fact this private bank was named this purposely to smoke screen what is really going on.

Why would it be called Federal Reserve if their is nothing Federal about it? Could be it be to purposely deceive people? When we hear the word federal we immediately think the government is involved? The Story goes back to the 1st Bank of America in 1863, in order to help finance the Civil War, a system of national banks was instituted by the National Currency Act. The banks each had the power to issue standardized national bank notes based on United States bonds held by the bank.

Today each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region. The stockholding commercial banks elect two thirds of each Bank's nine member board of directors. The remaining three directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board regulates the Reserve Banks, but direct supervision and control of each Bank is left to its board of directors. The directors impliment by-laws regulating the manner Bank business, and appoint officers to implement and supervise daily Bank activities. These activities include collecting and clearing checks, making advances to private and commercial entities, holding reserves for member banks, discounting the notes of member banks, and buying and selling securities on the open market.

This sounds to me like a regular ass bank printing money and driving our economy into the shit hole for their own profit. Take a freeze frame to research some of this stuff; you may not be too happy with what you find.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What is FreeZe Frame?

FreeZe Frame is a place where the spinning stops. Just freeze and attempt to analyze the every day chaos that sorrounds us. So many things around us make us feel something inside sometimes a warm fuzzy feeling, even a feeling of anger or rage, sometimes we feel like we are not doing enough or like we don't know what to do. Well at freeze frame well just stop and think and if anything comes of it then its a success.