Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On June 23rd something amazing happened. The great Shaq Fu! Made a triumphant return to the rap game. At a time were a verbal war is going on between garbage manufacturer Soulja Boy and the one and only ICE T people are at odds about the state of hip hop.

Who could ask for better timing here comes Shaquile O'neal spitting one of the craziest freestyles ever to grace the mic. TMZ released the video and I could not believe my eyes and ears. There I sat watching youtube, Shaq at a night club on the mic kicking a man while he's down,(he did deserve it). Punch line after punch line of killer "no holds bar" attacks on every one from legends like Patrick Ewing to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. To insults at You and Me saying that he's better than us.
And just when you thought he was winding down he kills Kobe "big head" Bryant with one of the sickest off the top choruses I have ever heard..

Think about that America...

Is Shaq better than US?

Is he better than Kobe?

..............Yes, he is.....

And its time everyone realizes that..

Especially Kobe, he knew he couldn't do it without him and now only he knows what Shaq's ass tastes like. You ratted on him and now he's getting a divorce.. Kobe! But its about time Shaq let the truth out. If Soulja boy single handily murdered hip hop then Shaq just bought it back from the dead with some revolutionary stem cell research..

All that's left to say is.. Shaq... Man or Horse?...

Ayo Kobe tell me how Shaq's ass taste..
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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great Stink

About a year ago, for one day, all of New York City smelled like a rats asshole, serious ass hole, so much like asshole that people thought it may have been a terrorist attack. About midway through the day some scientist yayhoo gets on the tube and blames the smell on Jersey, no scientific explanation, just simply, "Hey, what the fuck do you expect? We live right next to Jersey."... nobody questioned him, nobody asked for a detailed explanation, and by the next day everyone had forgotten about it. Does Jersey suck so bad that just being neighbor means that once every few years, for a day, your going to smell like shit? For real man, Jersey must be a fucking hell hole.