Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud To Be an American

Yesterday At around 11pm I finally felt proud as I did as a child To Be an American. The last 8 years contributed to me loosing faith in the brand of American Democracy, I felt as if my voice and the voices of the majority were being left unheard. I have a wide demographic of friends from all walks of the earth all citizens of this great country who shared alot of my same views and positions. I was traumatized after 2 elections going against the public true interest and values, instead decided based on the rise of fear and hate.

The last 8 years have been hell not only for the economy and our nation but for our image in the eyes of the international community. A generation living in the past created for us by the baby boomers that kept America Stuck in the past. Barack Obama opens the door for a New age where Race is no longer an issue, where Unity is the theme of our efforts to move forward. A new age of international diplomacy is among us the Age of OBAMANOMICS and Foreign Policy that does not feed on imperialistic ambitions but more on the betterment of the global community and prosperity of all.

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