Friday, May 16, 2008

Manufactured Consent

It affects our every day lives, the way we think the foods we like, the points of views we take. From early childhood we are glued to television, we go to school we are assigned the same books to read we turn on he radio and we hear he same songs. Over time some of us branch out take different paths and develop different taste but usually find a haven where others share the same views and become groups.

Groups are separated by the "type" of people in each one some easily co exist while others clash and do not. I for one don't see this as being all bad. Some good can and has come from the segregation of people not by race but by class. But good can only come from it if it happens naturally.

Manufactured Consent, acts as a sheep hoarder keeping the sheep in line, as mentioned before we are schooled, entertained and fed by corporations that share a common interest. To keep us in check, in simpler terms, its no secret our children can ask for Mc Donalds before they can recite their alphabet. Teenagers know the lyrics to the hottest song better than the names of the states in their own country.

This is a example of how manufactured consent and classism can numb an entire generation. Solution you ask? The answer is in he human mind. It is said that during infancy past the toddler years we are more intuitive than we will ever be. We are little scientist. It is not until we go to school and become exposed instruction we lose our will to explore and learn.

We live in a world of spin everything is spun and no one is asking questions. When we watch TV commercials and the new listening ad says" breath stays fresher longer". No one stops to ask, longer than what? We all run to the drugstore and pick up a bottle so we can have fresh breath for longer. But not know what if you examine the issue and discover that your new mouth wash has the same ingredients but a higher concentration and no evidence of longer lasting fresher breath, and without the knowledge of what was it being compared to as lasting longer than in the first place.

Bottom line is, question everything, no one is offering truth at no cost, act as a detective in unspinning what is spun before your eyes. Next time you hear that song you love so much don't just hear it, listen to the lyrics. Do you still like it so much? Ask yourself why did you like it in the first place. Eventually things will begin to make sense and our generation can snap out of it.

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