Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Internet Video

What draws us to these online videos, ever since the emergence of YouTube all of us love getting online and randomly searching for the sickest video, whatever it is we want to see it. People become overnight celebrities with a simple video but when we look back we think about it, and say “what the f@#k was so great about “Chocolate Rain”. Shit if I know, but I do know that at least 3000 of those views were probably mine. I had a blast watchingthat funny looking moron sing with such a deep voice. I don’t know why but I do.
I find my self endlessly searching for the next good roast by typing random search terms. Such as “Old Lady Bites it” or “Fat dude severs leg” , so much that me and a few buddies even made a blog dedicated to random videos we find on the web and called it As time goes on I better understand why we love these internet videos so much, maybe it’s the voyeur in all of us that wants to see real people go through real things.
Maybe Television and Movies have become so repetitive for the most part with reused plot lines that we all much rather see “Failed Back flip Attempts “ On YouTube rather than tuning into the idiot box for the same old crap. I guess the test of time will tell where the Internet Video will lead us but ill be searching for “Fat moron falls in Pond” in the mean time.

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