Friday, April 11, 2008

Live and Let Live

Usually I find this an issue a lot of people avoid but should not. Foreign Policy, Education, The War, Iran, The Economy, so many issues at hand help keep people's minds off what's really important. What is that? you may ask I say Life. What ever happened to live and let live, in many ways I see how globalization can be a positive thing but, somethings got to give. Why not keep trading with other nations while moving towards the end poverty on our own soil.

Why not lift all the embargos that bring suffering to so many people. I believe that it should be up to the people to shape their own civilization. Imperialist take overs do not allow nations to learn from each others culture and history. If this ever happens then we can begin to care for our people and bring actual change for the better.

With elections on their way I find myself thinking of the current situation and with the last election I didn't vote I sometimes wonder was I wrong for not voting? Is my voice not heard? Politics is a dirty game, and our worst enemies can sometimes be right on your TV screen telling you the danger that is to come.

Reason is your most powerful tool against doom. Benjamin Franklin once said "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.". Fear subtracts from freedom if you allow it. Understand all the players in the game and conquer fear through understanding.

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