Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Negroid, Angloid, Asiatic and Blue.

Its not a racial thing. That's what I keep telling my self in order not to get angry about the Sean Bell trial. It does not matter if the cops who shot were white or black to me growing up cops have always been blue, and I'm sure people will shout out that not all cops are bad but then I will argue on what your definition of bad is.

Did you know that if you are attacked by a police K9 and in self defense while being bitten you snap its neck in order to save your leg you will serve more time in jail than if you rape a child. Why in the fuck is a dogs life more valuable than our future.

Above is just a small example of the method behind the madness that drives the streets deep rooted hatred against law enforcement. To serve and protect is their motto, but as a young black man living in the bronx I can count the times I have felt 100 percent safe and on none of those occasions was it because of police presence.

Sean Bell was just celebrating his bachelor party and was ambushed by a group of trigger happy pigs in plain clothes. Did they identify themselves as police? Hell No. I know this because they never do their pigs and pigs are known to be dirty, I can recall 3 instances in my life where I had a gun pulled on me by police not knowing they were police.

Many argue that a complaint should be filed and that cops can't do that. The people who argue this didn't come from the gutter of society, and for the record I have never been arrested only harassed enough to know that its not a black or white thing its a blue thing.

NYPD's job is two keep the poor and disadvantaged as far away from the rich and privileged that populate this great big city even if it means using fear and intimidation. They will always get off like Amadou Diallo 41 shots because they couldn't understand his accent., Abna Leuima raped of his dignity and manhood, Sean Bell for wanting to get married.

Police are above the law in this never ending struggle, when will we finally fight back?

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Dm said...

Being from the bronx too, I have never trusted cops of any type. To me, they are all evil until they prove they are worth my respect.

I feel you 100% on you point of view. They all think they're above the law and that just ain't right.

how many times could these pigs be out "Protecting and Serving" instead of "Harrassing and Abusing"!!!

(Allerton & Boston)