Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What did you say?

Maybe it's time I address this issue before any confusion builds up. I’m sure you noticed in my previous post titled "Scandals and Flandals" most of you probably asked yourselves, "Flandals?” Yes I know it is not a real word but sometimes I like to make words up, why you ask? Because its fun you should try to make up a word and use it in your daily vocabulary.

Include friends and cool family members, make it a "cool thing" you may like it. I guess the reason I make up words and use them at random in conversation, may be a way of reflecting on what I see from day to day with trends that come and go, ideas that come up, what the news is covering this week. Sometimes things appear so bizarre and out of this world and they hit you so randomly. On occasion I may type a random word or make a funny sound as my way of mimicing my everyday observations.

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